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This long stream flows about 30 feet down into a 3,000 gallon pond before dropping off into another pond holding 8,000 gallons.
A rock fountain gives great affect to a pond while providing the soothing sensation of flowing water.
A small, but dramatic waterfall can add a babbling brook sound to any garden or landscape.
Pottery makes great fountain pieces and adds color to your yard.
A small waterfall provides a great focal point to any landscape.
Just one of the many fountain features Koi Gardens has to offer.
One of many Koi Auctions, Koi Gardens has put on in the past.
Koi Gardens packed up and traveled to Montana to construct this beautiful koi pond the client has always dreamed about. This pond is equipped with top of the line filtration and is now the home for several beautiful koi.
This large pond is more than 35 feet long and 17 feet wide. It was built using a bead filter, ultraviolet sterilizer, and a two speed in-line pump. The bridge is a great place to view and feed the fish.
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