Plant Information

Hardy Marginal

Keeping Koi

Hardy marginal plants include many water plants up to Zone Five. These hardy plants will survive our hard winters. Although they will go dormant generally after the first couple of frosts, these plants will come back in the spring.

DEPTH: 1” to 6” below the surface of the water.

WINTER CARE: Cut back foliage to 1” above dirt level and place it at the bottom of the pond for the winter.

SPRING CARE: Bring the plants back up from the bottom of the pond and check to see if any growth has started and placed the plant 1” to 6” below the surface. Do not assume the plant is dead if there is no growth. Some plants take longer to come out of dormancy than others.

MAINTENANCE AND CARE: Most marginal plants may need to be divided annually to prevent overcrowding. Fertilize when you divide and anytime you notice yellowing of the foliage. You may do monthly maintenance on your plants, which includes trimming dead foliage and fertilizing. Keep dead leaves and spent flowers cut back.