Plant Information

Hardy Water Lilies

Keeping Koi

All of our Hardy Water Lilies are hardy to our area. Hardy water lilies come in different shades of white, yellow, orange, peach, pink, red, and even changeable (sunsets and salmons). Water Lilies thrive in warm, still, or slow-moving water, and should be fertilized approximately every 30 days.

DEPTH: 12”-36” below the surface of the water.

WINTER CARE: Pull the water lilies up to the surface so they are easy to work on. Cut off all long stems and pads. You will notice new leaves at the base of the plant. Do not cut those back, as they are next spring’s growth. Place the plant at the bottom of the pond for the winter.

SPRING CARE: Bring the water lilies back to the surface and check to make sure the tuber is still in the pot (as fish sometimes up-root the tuber during the winter). Place the pot back down where you keep it for the summer. Do not fertilize water lilies until it shows substantial growth.

MAINTENANCE AND CARE: Fertilize monthly to keep the plant blooming. Remove all dead foliage and spent flowers throughout the summer.