Plant Information

Tropical Plants

Keeping Koi

Tropical Plants are not hardy in our area but are some of the most beautiful water plants. Their foliage is full, and their blooms are bright and colorful. Tropical Plants will survive Zone 8 and higher.

DEPTH: 1” to 6” below the surface of the water.

WINTER CARE: Once it starts cooling down, you will need to start preparing these plants to come into the house for the winter. They will need to be sprayed down with an aphid killer and hosed off. Cut all dead foliage off the plant and remove any algae from the pot and plant. Bring the plant into the house and place a tray under the pot and treat it like a house plant. Water plants once a week. Due to the lack of sunlight in our area during the winter, sometimes the foliage can become weak and spindly. If this happens cut the foliage off, and keep watering the plant, as it will grow back.

SPRING CARE: Once we are out of the danger of cold temperatures you can start hardening the plant off. Take it outside during the day and bring it back in at night. Make sure you do not put it in direct sunlight too soon or you will burn the foliage. Once temperatures remain above sixty degrees it can be put back into the pond.

MAINTENANCE AND CARE: Once the plant has established itself you can divide it if needed and start fertilizing. Keep all dead foliage and spent flowers cut back.