Plant Information

Tropical Water Lilies

Keeping Koi

Tropical Water Lilies are not hardy in our area. Tropical Water Lilies come in bright shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and red. Tropical water lilies are well worth having anywhere as they bloom much more than hardy water lilies, their fragrance is much stronger than hardy water lilies, and their colors are much brighter. Tropical Water Lilies bloom later in the season and also have several nights of blooming varieties. With proper care, Tropical Water Liles may be overwintered.

DEPTH: 12”-36” below the surface of the water.

WINTER CARE: Many people replace these plants every year, treating them like annuals. However, it is possible to save these plants. The easiest way is to winter over in a heated greenhouse. To store tubers, wait until the plants have just gone dormant. Cut leaf stems and roots from the tuber, and rinse well. Soak briefly in a mild fungicide solution if available, and store in clean, barely damp sand in a cool place, preferably around 55 degrees F. Begin growth in the spring in warm shallow water under good light. Wait until the pond has warmed up to place outside.

MAINTENANCE AND CARE: Fertilize monthly to keep the plant blooming. Remove all dead leaves and spent flowers throughout the summer.